During her first beer I was as charming as
a little toy in a plastic egg
from a supermarket vending machine.

During her second beer she charmed me
with her smartass intelligence.

During her third beer she was probably thinking
as I was about staying up late & screwing
on the couch when our hosts went to bed.

During her fourth beer she wanted me to move
into her trailer home & make a baby.

We began playing cards during her fifth beer
& she bragged that she would beat us all.

During her sixth beer she was drawing bad hands.

During her seventh beer she may not have noticed
that I won the game.

During her eighth beer I went into the kitchen
for a cup of coffee, counted the empty beer cans
& realized that her first beer was really her fourth,
her fourth beer was her seventh, & her seventh
was her tenth.

During her eleventh beer I went home.

She said after I left that she didnít need a baby
or marriage, she wanted to drink, & she could fuck
any man she wanted.

©Bob Rixon